• Black chrome brass shell
  • Chrome plated brass hoop
  • Snare hoop engraved "Broadway"
  • 8 Classic box (x) lugs
  • Broadway extension throw-off
  • Classic Leedy badge
  • Floating head design


  • 5" x 14"
  • 6-1/2" x 14"

COLORS: Black Chrome

Black Brass Series

The Leedy "Black STANDARD BRASS" snare drum has an "aliveness" that will be a revelation to you. It combines all of the great features of the "ELITE" series with a quality chrome plated brass shell and a great price. See this model before you buy any drum and you'll agree that it's the finest of its kind on the market.

Substantial and durable parts assembled in a correct mechanical manner are the reasons for sturdy lines so noticeable when any model "Leedy Broadway" Snare Drum is up for examination. This means that they are built right and will, with reasonable care. last a lifetime. Like all Leedy products, they are guaranteed to be exactly as represented. It is not uncommon to hear a leading professional say - "I have owned a Leedy Snare Drum for twenty years and it is still in perfect condition."