These three different standard models have features that make possible an unlimited number of tonal effects of great vitality and brilliance. These features place at the Drummer's command a character of rhythm in exact accord with all styles of music. Your leader and other musicians will be quick to recognize the difference in quality and projection of sound coming from the drums. Even those untrained in music will hear that clear, penetrating "LEEDY" snap.

Rhythm is the job of the Drum . . . the Drummer is the Rhythm Dispenser. Rhythm without tonal shading becomes monotonous ... This is never a problem if you choose these new "LEEDY" models. Their brilliance will help you to shine!

Broadway Series

The Leedy "BROADWAY STANDARD" is more than another Drum. It is also the means by which any Drummer can improve his playing ability. A Drum built to a high mark of efficiency and beauty. Experience for yourself the sensitivity of fully-extended snares, the classic look of vintage "Beavertail" lugs and Leedy floating head design.

Elite Standard Series

Every Progressive Drummer now agrees that appearance plays an important part in "making" or "breaking" the path to greater success. The "ELITE STANDARD SERIES" drum combines Leedy original 1930's lug styling, sleek molded die-cast hoops, a contemporary "state of the art" throw-off to create a drum that is far more than a "time beater".

Elite Brass series

The Leedy "ELITE STANDARD BRASS" snare drum has an "aliveness" that will be a revelation to you. It combines all of the great features of the "ELITE" series with a quality chrome plated brass shell and a great price. See this model before you buy any drum and you'll agree that it's the finest of its kind on the market.

The distinctively styled Leedy Lug Casings -featured on our snare drums - add not only to the beauty of these instruments but to their utility value as well. They make possible the 100% self-aligning rod feature which has helped to make the Leedy "BROADWAY" and "ELITE" model drums the finest instruments ever offered to the profession. The self-aligning feature is made possible by the parts CONTAINED WITHIN THE CASING which permit more uniform head tension and results in a better sounding instrument. Self-alignment of the rods also assures perfect alignment of the rod threads and eliminates annoying thread binding and stripping. The internal Nyloc feature prevents the tension rod from loosening under any playing situation. The swivel nut is held in place with a special insert and further cushioned with a Custom O-ring. This eliminates unwanted noise from springs and metal to metal contact.